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Long Term Player Development

Our Philosophy​

At the heart of San Carlos United Soccer Club's long-term player development model lies a profound commitment to the game's true essence. We believe in nurturing players who excel on the field and emerge as leaders in our beloved city of San Carlos. We understand the journey of soccer isn't about winning; it's about cherishing each moment. learning from every challenge, and cultivating a lifelong love for the beautiful game.

Realistic Gameplay Situations

In the bustling world of soccer, real-game situations remain unmatched in teaching players the dynamics of the game. Our coaching model places a significant emphasis on realistic gameplay situations. By replicating the pressures, choices, and emotions of a real match, we ensure our players gain technical skills and the mental aptitude to apply them in crunch moments. This holistic approach prepares our players for any challenge they might face in their soccer journey.

Development Windows

Every player's journey is unique, and recognizing this, we integrate the concept of 'development windows' into our training. These are critical periods in a player's life when they are most receptive to certain types of learning and development. By leveraging these windows, we maximize every player's potential, ensuring they get the proper training at the right time. This forward-thinking approach propels our players to be the best version of themselves, both on and off the pitch.

Love of the Game

For us, breeding a genuine love for soccer is paramount. We want our players not just to play the game but to live, breathe, and cherish it. We consistently strive to create an environment where passion thrives. After all, a player in love with the game will always find ways to grow, innovate, and excel.

More Than Just Winning

At San Carlos United Soccer Club, we do not believe in a 'win at all costs' mentality. While we relish victories, we prioritize player and team development above all. Our emphasis lies on the journey rather than the destination. This ensures that our players evolve as athletes and individuals who understand the deeper values of perseverance, teamwork, and respect.

Building Community Leaders

Our club takes immense pride in being a cornerstone of the San Carlos community. We aim to mold players who are proud representatives of our city, individuals who step up and lead by example. By imbibing the core values of soccer and community spirit, we hope to foster leaders who carry forward the legacy of San Carlos Soccer Club and the love for the beautiful game.

Season Dates and Practice Frequency

  • Spring season runs approximately from late February - late May/early June

  • Fall season runs approximately from mid August-November/December (depending on league, Norcal State Cup placement)

  • Practices will be two sessions per week (1.5 hours in duration), with an average of one game a weekend

Travel, Expectations and Cost

  • Away games will be primarily played in San Francisco and along the Peninsula, with some games further south.

  • While we would love for our players to prioritize soccer all year round, we understand and encourage them to participate in other sports.  We expect that in the Fall, soccer is their top priority, and in the Spring, we want soccer to be a high priority but understand it may not be the main priority.

  • Costs: Varies, approximately $1100-$1200 per season for the younger age groups (7v7 and 9v9).  This estimated cost covers full-time professional coaching/training/administration, league fees, club dues, and fields.  Please note that this does not cover uniform costs.

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