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San Carlos United's Mission

Our club's mission is to give competitive youth soccer players in our community a positive learning environment to have fun, reach their potential as soccer players, and grow as individuals.

We are based in San Carlos located between Belmont and Redwood City, California. Our teams register through US Club Soccer Norcal Leagues.

Our Philosophy

San Carlos United takes a holistic approach to our player development

Self-esteem: We look at our players’ athletic endeavor as an opportunity to build individual self-esteem combined with a sense of collective purpose, before anything else.

Player-centric: The club operates exclusively for the benefit of our youth players and not coaches, managers or parents. Our focus is first and foremost on helping them reach their potential as soccer players and in becoming responsible young adults.

Honoring the game: We always demonstrate integrity and show respect for the referees, coaches, players, and parents of both SCU teams and our opposition.

Community: We aim to impart a sense of teamwork and community in all of our players.

Life-long: We take a long term view of our player development. We believe in preparing them to play in High School or in college if they so desire. Most importantly, we want to impart a lifelong love of soccer.

Junior Soccer Teams
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