Referee Pay

League: NorCal Premier, US Club Soccer, NorCal State Cup

CR AR Time / Age Group
$60 $50 45 min half games U17 - U20
$55 $45 40 min half games U15 - U16
$50 $40 40 min half games U14
$45 $35 35 min half games U13
$40 $30 30 min half games U11 - U12
$40 $25 25 min half games U10
$40 n/a 25 min half games U8-U9


Referee Info


Cancellation or reschedule

  • Referee Assignor must be notified 72 hours before game day for cancellation or reschedule to avoid charges.
  • If not notified 72 hours before game day, the assigned referees will be paid current rate for game.
  • Teams must notify Referee Assignor when field confirmation is made for a rainout game within 72 hours.

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Gold Whistle Award Winners

The Gold Whistle is given to a referee who stands out during the season for their abilities, knowledge, commitment and continued growth as a referee. Both of these referees have set a high standard all season. Sean R. and Sean M. both worked at least 20 games this past season.  More importantly, they both were dedicated to improving and developing their skills throughout the season. Yes, they will each receive a gold whistle, and a cash prize for their efforts.

Congratulations Sean and Sean, and thank you to our Silver and Gold level referees for all the skill and effort you demonstrated this past season!

Golden Whistle Award Winner - Fall 2016
Sean McCormack
Sean Retchless
Gold Level Referees  - Fall 2016
Sean McCormack
Sean Retchless
Florian Ruhstaller
Jack Villagrand
Kaija Villagrand
Jake Haws
Christopher Burt
Mark Gross
Erik Bjoernsen
Nathan Godwin
Kieren Govoni
Andrew Richards
Silver Level Referees Fall 2016
Mark Esen
Jack Namenuk-Bollinger
Rory Folan
Alice Godwin
Pedram Attari
Samantha Laing
Golden Whistle Award Winner - Spring 2016
Christopher Burt
Gold Level Referees  - Spring  2016
Christopher Burt
Erik Bjoernsen
Kaija J Villagrand
Lauren McDonnel
Louis La Grill
Matt Wilkinson
Nathan T Godwin
Justin Folan
Sean Retchless
Florian Ruhstaller
Silver Level Referees Spring 2016
Jack Villagrand
Kieran Govoni
Pedram Attari
Jake Haws
Sean McCormack
Tycho Halpern
Alice Olivia Godwin
Catie Donohue
Kyle Patrick
Theo Korolev

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