What to expect

Long Term Player Development

  • Player Centered-Coach Guided-Sport Science-Administration-Evaluation
  • Heavy emphasis on developing technical skills with an age-appropriate curriculum from proven European models
    Strong focus on psychomotor skills, balance, coordination, speed & agility, movement acquisition, spatial awareness
    We ensure that players are experiencing success, feel empowered to express themselves creatively, feel free to make mistakes, and are having FUN
  • Winning is not our main priority, but developing your child to their fullest potential with self-confidence and a positive self-esteem IS our main priority
  • Teaching and modelling fundamental values and life lessons are extremely important to us
  • We aim to develop well-rounded players who can dominate games with attacking soccer skills while enjoying every minute of their experience

Season Dates and Practice Frequency

  • Spring season runs approximately from early March-early/ mid-June
  • Fall season runs approximately from early August-November/December (depending on league, Norcal State Cup placement)
  • Practices will be two sessions per week (1.5 hours in duration), with 1-2 games on the weekends

Travel, Expectations, and Cost

  • Away games will be primarily played along the Peninsula, with some games requiring minimal travel
  • While we would love for our players to prioritize soccer all year round, we understand and encourage them to participate in other sports.  We expect that in the Fall, soccer is their top priority, and in the Spring, we want soccer to be a high priority but understand it may not be the main priority.
  • Costs: Approximately $1000 per season.  This estimated cost covers full-time professional coaching/training/administration, league/tournament fees, club dues, and fields.  Please note that this does not cover uniform costs.
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