Bonus videos available using the below link and via SCU Facebook page

Coach Jason interviews Concacaf Director and former Premier League player Jason Roberts

USC Youtube Channel Link

Latest Links to zoom sessions (April 2020)



Ball work with Coach Ashley – (Skip to minute 40)

Footwork with Coach Gabe 

Build up concepts with coach Nick (start at 8min 30 sec) 


Goalkeeping and Transition with Coach Jason – with U19 players


Midfielders defending the transition with Coach Jason with U19 player

Core strength and stretches with Coach Jason

Defending to prevent the attack working with the forwards

Technical work with a Ball and Partner with Coach Charlie
Ball Mastery work with Coach Charlie

Coaches talk on Playing philosophy (45 minutes) 

Ball skills with Coach Ashley (15 minutes)

4-3-3 Tactics, the role of each position with Coach Nick (50 minutes)

Please ignore the first 2 minutes (technical issues)