Uniform Update

San Carlos United Uniform Update

  1. Why are we changing uniforms? Our uniform kit vendor, Adidas, discontinued the current uniform style as of October 2016.
  1. Is there a committee who handles uniforms for the club? Yes, club uniform coordinators are Laura Barde, Nicole Costa, and Dave King. They began the process to select new uniforms with Adidas representatives this past summer. At the same time, they renewed the club contract with Adidas, and with that comes a renewed three-year agreement and new uniform style.
  1. When will we get new uniforms? Does everyone have to order them? SCU leadership approved the new kits in August 2016. We are happy to announce that teams will be able to order the new uniforms beginning January 2017, with arrival in March, just in time for spring season. Our new style will be available through 2019. Teams do not have to order new uniforms, but as our current style is now discontinued, it is strongly encouraged. No team may mix old and new uniform styles!
  1. What do the new uniforms look like? We are keeping our existing colors, royal blue home jerseys, white away jerseys, and black shorts. Please see below for a photo from the catalog, but keep in mind the shorts will be black. Socks will remain the same. We also selected a new training jacket and pants, but those are optional purchases. Backpacks are the same, and remain optional.
  1. About the practice jerseys… For spring season, players may keep their current practice jerseys (Estro 17) in white. Beginning in fall 2017, all players will move to the Estro 17 practice jersey in light gray. No teams should be using blue or any other color as a practice jersey. Please do not request other colors, as Pro Soccer will not supply them.
  1. What is the process for ordering? In early December, all managers will receive instructions on how to add their teams to the online ordering system called MyUniform. We will no longer use the printed form when ordering from Pro Soccer. Instead, parents will be able to order online and pick up kits at Pro Soccer.
  2. I have questions about the current uniform kit / I have questions about Pro Soccer. Who should I call? Between now and January, all teams should be using the existing uniform kit style. Any general questions or issues with Pro Soccer, please contact Laura Barde at barde@yahoo.com or 650-995-4182.
  1. I heard there was something called a uniform bank. What’s that about? Nicole Costa reached out to all managers in September regarding the uniform bank. It is a process by which managers coordinate the donation of gently used jerseys and shorts from departing players, and we hold onto them, like a bank. If managers add a few new players, and Pro Soccer is out of the current uniform in the needed size, the manager can contact Nicole to obtain a jersey or pair of shorts from the bank. The bank is not meant to avoid purchasing uniforms; it is only for use if Pro Soccer is out of a size. Any questions, please contact Nicole Costa at nikkiii21@yahoo.com or 510-435-5145.

Our new game day jerseys and shorts are from the Tiro and Tastigo lines. The shorts below will be black. Home jerseys will be royal blue and white (pictured below), away jerseys will be white. All will have the San Carlos United splash and shield on the front, and the player number on the back.

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